Most Important Dialogue for Class 9-10 PDF Download


Most Important Dialogue for Class 9-10

PDF Download

JSC and SSC All Important Dialogue 2022

jsc ssc and hsc all important dialogue : 2022 সালের জেএসসি এবং এসএসসি শিক্ষার্থীদের জন্য সংক্ষিপ্ত কিছু ডায়লগের তালিকা দেয়া হলো। পাশাপাশি প্রতিটি ডায়লগের বাংলা অনুবাদ এবং গুরুত্বপূর্ণ শব্দার্থ দেয়া হলো। এগুলো অনুসরণ করলে ভালো ফলাফল করতে পারবে আশা করি।

Dialogue       : Future Plan of Life

Raju                       : Hello. Meena, how are you?

Meena                                 : I am fine and what about you?

Raju                       : I am fine too. You have passed S.S.C. examination getting G.P.A.-5. Now what is you future plan.

Meena                                 : Yes, I want to be a doctor. After passing the H.S.C. examination I shall admit in medical college.

Raju                       : Good idea. Your plan is absolutely right.

Meena                                 : After all you have made a good result. Now, what is your intention?

Raju                       : I want to be an English teacher. After passing the HSC. examination I must study in honors and masters on English.

Meena                                 : Thanks. Your choice is so nice. There is so lack of qualified teacher in our country.

Raju                       : Welcome.

Dialogue       : Benefits of Early Rising

Raju                       : Hello Meena! How are you?

Meena                                 : I am fine and what about you?

Raju                       : I am fine too. But why are you always late for the class? If you are so late every day, you will be in great difficulty.

Meena                                 : You are right. Indeed, I always try to come on time, but I simply can’t.

Raju                       : Why can’t you? What time do you get up in the morning?

Meena                                 : I usually get up from bed at around 9 o’clock. I watch TV and sleep late.

Raju                       : I see. You should rise early and get the benefits of early rising. Don’t you know the proverb: “Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealth, and wise?

Meena                                 : What is the benefits of early rising?

Raju                       : As the proverb says, it makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Meena                                 : But how will it help me to become punctual in class?

Raju                       : If you get up early in the morning, you will get much time to learn your lessons, have breakfast, complete your homework, have bath and meal and then start for college and reach ahead of time.

Meena                 : Yes, you are right. I can understand that by getting up early in the morning, I can make the best use of my time.

Raju                       : Exactly! If you get up early in the morning, your mind and body will remain fresh. Besides, an early riser can work more and earn more to add to his income.

Meena                 : You are right. I was in the dark. However, I will start getting up early in the morning from tomorrow.

Raju                       : It is certainly a wise decision. I will call you tomorrow in the morning at your house and take you for a walk with me by the riverside. Thank you.

Meena                                 : You are most welcome. I really appreciate your suggestion.

Dialogue       : How to Improve In English

Raju                       : Hello Meena. You always obtain highest marks in English. What is the secret of your success?

Meena                                 : No secret, Raju. I always practice English. I also like to speak English whenever I have scope.

Raju                       : Would you please tell me how I can improve my English?

Meena                 : Sure Raju. For this, you have to learn some words every day to make your vocabulary strong. You should note words and necessary phrases in a note book with their meanings.

Raju                       : What else?

Meena                 : You should read English newspaper and listen to TV news in English daily and note the difficult words, terms, phrases and sentences in the note book.

Raju                       : Yes, very important. Carry on, please.

Meena                 : Whenever you have the opportunity, you should speak in English with your friends, family members or others. You should also practice free hand writing everyday on different familiar or common topics of our daily life.

Raju                       : Any other suggestion?

Meena                 : Nowadays, as learning aid, CD and Video tutorials are also available in the market. You can try them if you wish. And you must have patience. In this way you will improve your skill in English day by day.

Raju                       : OK Meena. I think your suggestions will be of great use to me to have command over English. Thank you so much.

Meena                                 : You are always welcome.

Dialogue : Consequence of Environment Pollution

Raju                       : Hello Meena, what’s up?

Meena                                 : I am so so. Recently, a matter is shocking me very much.

Raju                       : What’s the matter?

Meena                                 : I am thinking about environment which is being seriously polluted.

Raju                       : Right you are.

Meena                 : You know that air and water are the two important elements for us but they are being polluted seriously.

Raju                       : You see that mills and factories, human waste and water vehicles are polluting water.

Meena                                 : Exactly so. Even people mind nothing to do these.

Raju                       : Unpleasant truth is that we must face a terrible situation if we cannot stop it.

Meena                                 : Over population, increasing number of industries and vehicles are mainly responsible for it.

Raju                       : Besides, unconsciousness, negligence and selfishness are not less responsible.

Meena                                 : How can we get the solution?

Raju                       : We all should know that a sound mind lives in a sound body. If a sound body lives in polluted place, the mind must be polluted also.

Meena                                 : I think that strict laws should be introduced and awareness should be created among people.

Raju                       : Thank for sharing your opinion.

Meena                                 : Thank you too.

Dialogue       : Importance of Reading Newspaper

Raju                       : Hello Meena! How are you?

Meena                                 : Thank you. I am fine. How are you?

Raju                       : I am also fine. Thank you. Where are you going?

Meena                                 : I am going to buy a news paper.

Raju                       : Do you read newspaper regularly?

Meena                                 : Of course. Don’t you?

Raju                       : Certainly. You know newspaper is called the store house of knowledge.

Meena                                 : You are right. Without reading newspaper we can’t know about the world.

Raju                       : They who don’t read newspaper remain frogs of the well. Because they don’t know the current affairs of the country and world.

Meena                                 : At the same time newspapers contains articles related to our study. They are very helpful.

Raju                       : Which section of newspaper do you like most?

Meena                 : Certainly the study page. And you?

Raju                       : I like the general knowledge section and literary articles. Sometimes I send my writings to newspaper.

Meena                                 : That’s very good. Newspaper up hold people’s view, too. I have to go now.

Raju                       : Ok. See you later. Bye.

Meena                                 : Bye.

Dialogue       : Importance of Tree Plantation

Raju                       : Hello Meena! How are you and where are you going?

Meena                 : You are here? I am so so and was going to you.

Raju                       : But you so hurry. Anything wrong with you?

Meena                 : Yes, a report of the Green Party regarding tree cutting culture is greatly tormenting me.

Raju                       : I see. To save our green environment Green Party is emphasizing on afforestation instead of deforestation any more.

Meena                 : What is afforestation?

Raju                       : Afforestation means planting trees systematically.

Meena                 : Yea, tree plantation? Trees give us shelter, shade, food, and other facilities such as maintenance of ecosystems for which natural ingredients go their own way smoothly. The trees are, in a word, the port of all living beings under the sun.

Raju                       : But a matter of regret that these are being cut down purposively. Consequently, nature is losing her ecological balance. And-

Meena                 : And ecological factors are being at sixes and sevens.

Raju                       : Therefore, we have no alternative but to save the environment through more and more tree plantation campaigns.

Meena                 : That is, you want to say that the necessity of tree plantation is needless to mention anymore, do you?

Raju                       : Yes.

Meena                                 : Thank you very much. Bye.

Raju                       : You are welcome too.

Dialogue       : Preparation for the SSC Exam

Me                         : Hello Raju, how are you?

Raju                       : Fine. And you?

Me                         : I’m also fine. What about your preparation for the coming SSC Examination?

Raju                       : Well, I’m studying seriously. But I’m worried about my exam.

Me                         : It’s all the same about me too. But tell me about your preparation for different subjects.

Raju                       : You know I’m weak in math. That’s why I’m taking special care in math. I’m having a detailed revision of other subjects. What about your preparation?

Me                         : Well, my revision in all subjects has been completed.

Raju                       : Very good. You are well on your preparation, I see. I must start working on the test papers. What do you think?

Me                         : Yes. I think it’ll be helpful for your preparation. I wish you the best of luck.

Raju                       : Thank you very much.

Me                         : Welcome.

Dialogue       : Cause of Road Accidents

Raju                       : Hello Meena! How are you?

Meena                                 : I am fine. What about you?

Raju                       : I am not so good. One of my neighbors died last night at a tragic road accident near Savar.

Meena                 : Really it is very sad that there is not a single day you will find without the news of tragic road accident.

Raju                       : You are right. To speak the truth, nowadays it has become a common incident in our country.

Meena                 : Yes, it is really a matter of serious concern nowadays but our policy makers seem indifferent to the fact.

Raju                       : That’s is absolutely true. But can you tell me the causes of frequent road accident across the country?

Meena                 : There are many causes responsible for this. Reckless driving, lack of traffic police, ignorance of the drivers, overtaking tendency, violating traffic signals and rules etc. contribute greatly to the frequent road accident.

Raju                       : You are absolutely right. The conditions of roads are also not good at many points. There are narrow, broken, and unmetalled roads. These are also contribute to many road accidents.

Meena                                 : Right! However, immediate steps should be taken to reduce road accidents. What do you think?

Raju                       : Yes, of course. Strict laws should be introduced in this regard. Illiterate and careless drivers should be identified and their driving license should be cancelled.

Meena                 : Certainly! Besides, drivers should be given proper training and Roads and Highways Department should be more cautious in this regard.

Raju                       : Absolutely! People should also be made aware of traffic rules and signals. In this way we can minimize road accidents.

Meena                                 : You’re right! We all have to come forward to raise public awareness in this regard.

Raju                       : Exactly! Thank you very much for such a nice discussion.

Meena                                 : You are most welcome. See you again.

Dialogue       : Village and City Life

Raju                       : Hello Meena, why did you not go to village till this time?

Meena                 : I have changed my programme and do not want to leave comfortable life of the city, when village life is very dull.

Raju                       : You have a very bad impression about village life. Why?

Meena                 : Yes, I am saying right. The village is a dirty place. Comforts of life are not available there. Heaps of garbage can be seen everywhere. People and animal live at the same place. They also drink water together at the same dirty pond. Ignorance prevails every where.

Raju                       : My friend! You are telling wrong. Although our villages are backward, but not as much as you. Many villages have become modern. Schools for both the sexes and hospitals have been set up in villages. Sanitary system has been improved. Electricity has been provided in almost every village.

Meena                 : But the cities have better facilities. Better houses, better means of communication, fast and comfortable vehicles and many other facilities are there. The people of cities live comfortable life.

Raju                       : You are talking superficially. There are crowded houses. A large number of people live in small houses which are is injurious to health. Polluted air, dirty streets and stinking drains spread many diseases. The people of cities have no love and sympathy. Where as village life has fresh air, simplicity and love. Villagers are very sincere.

Meena                 : Please, do not disturb me. I have no intention to go to village at any time.

Raju                       : Okay, bye

Dialogue       : Importance of Learning English

Raju                       : Hello Meena, how are you?

Meena                                 : Fine, thank you. What about you?

Raju                       : I am also okay. What are you doing?

Meena                                 : I am reading an article about the importance of learning English.

Raju                       : Nice! Actually English is essential in our every walk of life.

Meena                 : Of course. It is an international language. In this age of globalization, it plays an important role for communication in the present world. So, learning English is a must.

Raju                       : But it is unfortunate that we are neglecting it. For that we are lagging behind our neighbours.

Meena                 : Oh! It is really disgraceful. This situation must be changed if we want to keep pace with the modern world.

Raju                       : Right you are. Our international relations and trade would be affected much if we do not learn English well.

Meena                 : Exactly. Besides, without efficiency in English none can expect to receive higher studies as all the books on higher education are written in English.

Raju                       : Yes, it is only English that can help us to enter the storehouse of knowledge.

Meena                    : Absolutely. But it is a matter of shame that most of the university graduates lack proper knowledge on English.

Raju                       : Exactly, and as a result they are being deprived of getting good job and receiving handsome salary.

Meena                     : Right you are. A sound command over English is a prerequisite for good job and good salary.

Raju                       : Undoubtedly. In fact, the importance of learning this language cannot be described in words. We must study and practice English seriously. Thank you.

Meena                                 : You are most welcome. Good bye.

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